California PI Private Investigator license exam test

Most applicants fail it-- it is enormous--
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If you have at least 6000 paid hours
(3 full-time years) of paid investigative
or related experience,
and you meet
the other background requirements,
you probably will be allowed to apply for
and then take the 2019 California PI
(Private Investigator) licensing test examination.
If you need the initial state licensing application,
about 20 pages, click here:
PI license application.
You will be completing out about six
of the pages, the rest are for reading.

In California, 'private investigators'
are also known as 'private detectives'.

Often an employee's goal is to
obtain the 6000 or more hours
required that he/she may be eligible
to license and then obtain clients.

Most applicants don't have a lot of
problem with the test questions dealing with
'investigating'. That's old news for most
investigation professionals. Where they fail
on the test is the overwhelming questions about
the management of a state-licensed business--
taxes, hiring, firing, withholding, eligibility to work in
the United States, regulations, laws, research,
training, and so much more!
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How To Pass The CA PI License Test .

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Studies by United States Department of Labor
predict that the need for private investigators will be
favorable due to the expected & growing demand.

California Private Investigator licensing examination study